As well as the core business of paper inserts for leather-bound goods, the company plays an important role on the Italian market in step indexing of inserts and publications, thanks to sophisticated equipment which ensures excellent productivity and top quality.


This company operates independently and for third parties, offering die-cutting, step indexing and tab protection for books, publications, catalogues, price lists and loose leaves. It also produces reinforced tab page dividers for ring- or spiral-bound publications and mobile step indexes for index files, card indexes and any other stationery requirement.


It offers a technological, dynamic and excellent quality service to meet the demands of publishers, graphic designers and organisers of displays.


This section is primarily aimed at bookbinders and packaging designers who require hard or padded covers for books and catalogues, ring binders or folders to complete their own products.


Carto Tecnica has the capacity to produce hard covers for books, diaries and catalogues, with coverings of laminated plastic, coagulates and fabrics to complete bookbinding projects, hot print and finish them to clients’ requirements.

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