DIARPELL was founded in 1973 with the expertise of a firm already operating in the graphic design and paper products sector, specialising in the design and production of paper inserts for diaries, organizers and address books destined for manufacturers, leather goods firms or simply artisan workshops, while also producing its own finished products with a streamlined craft department for supply to the stationery market. It quickly established links with a well-known Italian franchising firm, allowing it to set up a logistics company for product distribution to stationery shops.


In 2001, with the benefit of experience, the company founded its own commercial firm and created the INTEMPO brand for the eponymous firm. A leader in “Made in Italy” manufacturing, the company is based in Tuscany, with headquarters in Florence. It has premises of around 10,000 sq.m. and over 100 employees, and as well as owning shares in typographical, bookbinding and paper products businesses, it also holds shares in commercial companies in Spain and the USA.


Diarpell takes great pride in its origins and stands by the history and land it belongs to; this is why it chooses 100% Italian production, making Made in Italy a real added value, not just a matter of prestige.


In these times of globalization and standardization, Diarpell chooses the quality of Italian raw materials, artisan traditions and direct control over all stages of production.


For forty years Diarpell has been working to create original products which are recognisable for their innovative design, fine materials and craftsmanship throughout the production process. The finished products are the result of an ongoing process of analysis and research which, combined with know how and experience, make Diarpell creations unique in their sector.


With these criteria, Diarpell products have conquered an ever-growing market segment and target clientele made up of those who choose quality over big names, respect for environment and work ethics over flashy publicity campaigns, and the opinion of many ordinary people over plugs by VIPs.


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